I am a photographer based in Stavanger, Norway - who aims to not only meet expectations, but exceed them every time. Designing my services on a foundation of authenticity and a whole lot of passion, I have an extensive background in genres that streches from aerial, landscape, industrial, portrait, interior & architecture photography, and I enjoy every moment of capturing compelling, emotional-driven images that spearhead objectives and deeply inspire. 

I have always been a creative individual who had a rooted appreciation for photography. The concept of being able to freeze moments in time down to the hundredth of a second and create new perspectives through the lens was something that I deeply admired from a young age. This ultimately became the catalyst for me to pick up the camera, and later on a drone to explore from above.

As a self-taught visionary driven by passion, I genuinely love what I do and demonstrate that by featuring unique perspectives in every piece that instills intense wanderlust vibes, and illuminates intrinsic meaning within people and places. In the end, I am always seeking ways to advance myself both personally and professionally.

Latest Publications

Brusand Strand - BS5



Recent Awards

Architecture - Z23

Awarded on by the Head Curators.

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